Civillian Rifle Training (C.R.T. Scheme)

Baroda Rfile Club organises a 13-day Civilian Rifle Training Sheme Course to introduce safe-handling and use of shooting equipment, invarious disciplines. The course held for 13 days Which will introduce civilians to various techniques of shooting, rules to be obeyed for safe gun handling, etc. This course has been made mandatory by the Commissioner of Police, Vadodara, for procurement of Arms License. Following completion of the course, a certificate will be handed, a certificate acknowledging successful completion of the CRT course is awarded. This certificate can be used to further the Arms License process. This course is also required for obtaining membership into Baroda Rfile Club.

Fees and Training: The course fees is INR 600.00, which includes the continuous 13-day training camp between 1500hrs to 1800 hrs every day during the 13-day camp. The 13-Day Camp is conducted only in the months of november to March. During this trainin 50 rounds of ammunition shall be provided to fire. The details of the Camp are notified to only candidates who have previously filled and submited the Application froms to the BRC Office., and 3 months of complimentary membership fees for those who successfully complete the course and are selected for joining Baroda Rfile Club as a member. This membership is at the sole discretion of the Baroda Rifle CLub authority.

To enroll for CRT Scheme Please follow below procedure:

  • Eligibiltiy for CRT Scheme Course shall be 18 Years and Above.
  • Fill from either downloaded from Website, or purchased form BRC Office @10/- per form.
  • The Candidate shall have to pay Fees of INR 600.00 along with fully furnised application form and submit it to the BRC Authority. (Details of requierments for filling Application form provided below)
  • Once the candidate has present the application form before the BRC Authority, BRC shall providea recommendation letter to procure PCC (Police Cleareance Certificate) from the Commissioner of Vadodara.
  •  Once fully furnished application form and PCC is provided the applicant shall be notified of the course details.

Details required for furnishing the application for CRT Scheme.

  • (2) For Proof of Age kindly submit any two photocopy of:
  • a) Birth Ceritificate
  • b) Passport
  • c) Driving License
  • d) Election Card
  • e) Aadhar Card.
  • f) Bonafied Certificate of School/ College.
  • (3) Proof of Residence kindly submit any two photocopy of:
  • a) Passport
  • b) Driving License
  • c) Election Card
  • d) Aadhar Card.
  • e) Ration Card
  • f) Electricity Bill
  • g) Phone Bill
  • h) Mobile Bill (Post Paid Connection Only.)